Thursday, October 15, 2015

Small but Abundant Blessings

Because I know I am stressed this weekend (leaky roof and rainy skies), I feel the need to post something upbeat. Hopefully, it will help me sleep in peace (and in faith). 

There are some things to be grateful for today. It did not rain heavily (I am resisting the urge to add "yet") today or up to this point tonight (9 p.m.). This means my leak did not surface (again, resisting "yet").

Also, a dear friend had a relative pass along an inkjet printer to her but she needed to install 2 cartridges and she asked if I could help. We are only a few homes away so I walked up this evening. I felt so stupid, at first, because I could not get those silly things in. When we decided to turn on the printer, it happily slid the cartridge holders in front of us, just waiting to be filled. Problem solved.

When the leak surfaced last week directly over my non-contract old tv, I tried and tried to find two pieces of equipment here in my cluttered home - a used but hopefully still operating analog-to-digital converter box and an indoor antenna. I thought it was time to try to hook up my second very old analog tv (in my bedroom) with the other built-in VCR. I found one yesterday and the other today. Tomorrow, I will see if they both work.

And because I get hunger cravings when I am stressed, I was happy to raid my upright freezer for some rainbow sherbet, some delicious Great Buns pound cake slices, and even a healthy dinner.
So, there are many things to be grateful for and to dwell on when I turn off this PC tonight and crawl into bed.

Father, thank you for all the joys of the day. Please continue to watch over this house to which you led us almost 15 years ago. And, sweet Lord Jesus, you who walked on water and calmed the stormy seas, please take a moment to glance my way and help protect the structure of this home and its contents.

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