Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Listening for His Guidance and Words

We're told over and over to listen for his guiding words. But oh, how often life gets in the way and shuts our minds when we most need that guidance. I am finally, slowly, learning my own ways to be still and wait for him to speak to me.

I am slowly learning to try to avoid acting immediately, wherever possible, and asking him what he wants me to do in situations. Then, I try to do something very very routine. The dishes. Crochet. Anything that takes my mind off that issue for a while.

Often, very often, the words seep into my mind, and I hear the answer to the problem.

Father, thank you for your patience. I know that, all too often, I still act too quickly and do not take the time to let you help me. Even then, you are with me. Help me to become more and more dependent on you and your loving help. And help me, please, to become less and less prone to acting rashly.

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