Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Happily Productive Day

< MainPage>Our heat will return tomorrow - we'll hit the 90s, at least, for another week. So I took this morning to put all my weekend's yard sale "stuff" back into the shed. By the time I was done, I barely crawled up the few steps into the mobile home, and into the shower. I had to do that shower while I was still able to stand upright. Well, it's not that bad, but I do have to remember I am no longer 39.

The whole effort only took an hour and a half. It would have been quicker except I had some sorting to do first. When I tore down the tables, etc. on Saturday evening, fearful of the predicted rainfall the next day, I did it in a hurry. I just tossed stuff into cartons and hauled them to the back of the driveway, as close to the side of the home as possible, to avoid getting them wet.

Today, I needed to open those boxes and sort. I put some things into boxes for a charity to pick up. I put some into boxes for the shed, for the Spring park-wide-yard-sale - this is stuff that I definitely want to try to sell one more time. And there were one or two things I had to bring inside rather than have them in the shed in heat and cold and damp and dust (VHS tapes, etc.).

I pushed one folding chaise lawn chair to the side - I want to hose it down and try to sell it here in the park via our monthly newsletter. 

And of course, I had to return the folding tables to the shed. My middle-aged nephew who passed on (Feb '14) is sadly missed. Not just because he was like my own son, but also for his belovedly big bod. He would haul those tables like they were cardboard. And he had me on height. I'm low to the ground (used to be 5"2, now am 5"1), so I have to bend my elbows to keep them from dragging the ground, even when folded. 

It took me perhaps 8 trips with the dolly, to the shed. My pedometer was happy - I logged 3,000 just doing the morning's task. 

So, this evening, I am happy. The back area looks fairly good. There are still things I need to go through back there, from times before. Weather is cooling down; my joints have loosened; I am ready - I think.

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