Monday, October 12, 2015

Glorious Day, IMHO

There's no other way I can describe my day. For some, a "glorious" day means exotic food, expensive shopping, lots of fun and games.

But considering it's been a rough few weeks, for me, this was truly a glorious day.

I was not stressed these past few weeks in an obsessive, depressive manner. But I did have a lot on my mind and prayed I was handling everything wisely. 

I've been using the master bathroom which only has a square stall shower in it - the garden tub was removed over a decade ago because nobody in here could get out of in once they were in it. But because the stall shower is a little cramped, I only take quick showers. I have to lean on the back wall and lift my feet up, carefully, to wash them. 

Today, knowing I really should use the hot water more often than I have in the past, I decided to shower in the one Frank used when he was here. It has a lengthy shower bed, as long as a tub or longer - and recessed molded seating and a niche or two for "stuff." BUT I have avoided it, as did his mom when she was alive, because the bottom is the slippiest, most frightening of shower bottoms. Those little slap-em-on rubbery decals do not stay stuck on those floors forever, and when they suddenly slide loose under foot, it's very tricky. 

Well, I suddenly remembered picking up some heavier-gauge shower/tub mats about six months ago. I dug out the one that is for a tub but fits this big shower stall with about a foot left at each end. 

I was in heaven! I could walk up and down, suds, spray, giggle - and lots and lots of hot water. Oh, it was glorious. And not once was I afraid to move my feet on that mat.

That was one part of my glorious day.

Next, my friend's son came over and replaced my kitchen faucet. I really can't afford that this month, but frankly both the cat and I are going bonkers from the constant drip, drip, drip - all day, all night - every day and night for at least six months or longer. It is heavenly in that kitchen now. And, because our water here is not the best from the tap and because I still have old galvanized piping, the drips left a yellow stain in the sink if I didn't leave a cup or something there to catch the drips. Oh, again, I am in heaven on earth.

And finally, the roofer called tonight and is stopping by tomorrow morning to check that leak that developed in our last T-storm. We could get rain later this week, so the timing is perfect. He asked me about the extent of the leak/drips and seemed to feel it would be not much more than a patch job.  To him, that is minimal. I hope he will work with me if our ideas of "minimal," when it comes to price, are slightly different.

Father in heaven, when I was a young girl, my ideas of luxury and delight and joy were so much different than they are now. Thank you for teaching me along the way that the simplest of joys are often the most exquisite!

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