Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Update on Leaky Roof - Mixed

The roof coating issue is worse than I'd hoped it would be but I'm not really surprised. Structurally, it's sound, but the coating is effectively gone. He cannot guarantee that a few simple patches will help. I knew in my heart I was way past that level. He found a zillion pinholes, cracks and old peeling patches. 

Just as a matter of record, it will cost me about $1000. I did some research after he left and called one or two other places, even though I do trust him. At least I know he did his best with the estimate. He agreed to do it in thirds, but cannot be sure he can get to me before the next rain on Thursday. And, neither of us can be sure that the first third he chooses to do will be the correct third for the recent leak - we're just going with the front third. 

I've called and cancelled one $100 payment, will refinance another to enable me to skip that $100 payment, and know where to get the $100 to make the first third.

So, thankfully, I can begin something that is over six years (more, I think) overdue, and do it, we hope, in time to prevent other damage. It is a relief to face this and deal with it. 

Now to have faith that it will be done in time to avoid leaks inside this old home. I am better, medically and physically, than I was a year or two ago. But I know me - if it rains, I will be pacing back and forth in here, on the alert for leaks, and praying I can get a pot or bucket underneath in time.

Father, thank you for encouraging me to get this roof fixed. I know it is long overdue, and I thank you with all my heart for the gentle warning you sent me. Now I need your compassion and mercy and protection while the contractor and I work this out, financially.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Bummers on leaky roofs and ceilings. I dealt with a leaky ceiling for 12 years....hated it. The problem started when we had the roof redone, it had never leaked in all the years we lived in this house. The this man literly destroyed our house....the roof and ceiling started leaking 6 months later. Little leaks here and there, but when the heavy rains came it was like a faucet was turned on. One rain we had to empty the bucket 5 times and I had towels and pots and pans all over the floor in the kitchen....kind of hard to cook a dinner dancing around the buckets, pots and pans and towels. I do not miss those days and really feel for you. I hope you get the problem remedied soon and the $$$ will be there when needed.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

My contractor arranged to do it in thirds and we are praying that we are picking the correct "third" to start with but at least it will begin. We expect rain here Thu/Fri and Sat/Sun, so he hopes to get here tomorrow morning (Thu) or the next morning and beat the rain for me. I know what you mean about the major leaks. We dealt with one in So Calif back in the 90s - it was awful. We had buckets over 1/4th of the room, and we even had to place a bucket atop every 4 buckets to make sure nothing dripped between the buckets - it was literally dripping from all over that roof - we were the top apartment. Thanks so much for the good wishes, my friend. Stay well...