Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Feeling Blessed with Answered Prayer

Although I am feeling very blessed tonight because of a prayer that has been answered today, I have other feelings, too.

The prayer that was answered is about my leaky roof. I will be able to get it taken care of, sometime over the next few weeks. If it rains before it can be scheduled, I will be patient with pots and buckets - at least I know now that it can be sealed and coated for sure. I am so grateful for this blessing. I will sleep well tonight.

In spite of the troubles we all have in our daily lives, I always sleep well. I might have a moment's worry while I say my final prayers for the night, but by the time I climb into bed, I have balanced that worry with thoughts about all that went well that day. I can always find something to be grateful for. I am grateful for so many things - hot and cold running water, a working thermostat in the mobile home, a kitty to feed and love, friends and neighbors, food in my belly, a bed to sleep on, the freedom to nap when I need to, a working PC, a working TV with its built-in VCR, arms and hands and knees that work with a minimum of pain, and the skills and freedom to work on things for the local needy - so many more things, too many to list for now.

But tonight, the thoughts that fill my mind in the midst of my blessing concern all the other prayers in my heart and mind - some for me, some for friends and loved ones, and some for folks I have never even met.

I often hesitate to post that a prayer has been answered. This is because that is not the only prayer in my heart at that time. It is amazing to me how many prayers I have the Lord working on for me right now. So many folks I know are very ill, one is terminal. Some wish they were terminal, their suffering is so difficult to bear. And that is just the medical side of things.

It would be very easy in this life to let troubles overwhelm us. Thankfully, if we are people of faith, with prayer we always have hope. Even if our prayers are not answered in the way we'd prefer, our faith helps us muddle through life until we can deal with the situation while the Lord works things our for us.

Father, I am so grateful tonight for this latest answered prayer. I know you have my ongoing list of those in my heart and prayers. Please continue to work on the issues facing those I know and love, those whose worries I have turned over to you. And please send extra strength, patience and hope to these people, and to me, while you work things out.

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