Monday, October 26, 2015

Roofing Deadline Nears

Most of you know I now have two leaky areas in my roof and that I've got a local contractor willing to work with me if I can get the funds. He offered to seal and coat my metal roof, in thirds, but I can't do that because the leaks are far from each other - I need to do the whole thing. Also, he is trying to work with me on the price, bless him for that. He is $500 less than each of the two other contractors I contacted.

The new "news" is that I received a copy of the estimate we discussed, in  the mail today, and it says it is firm for "30 days" and is dated 10/14. This means I need to do something by 11/14 to be sure of the reasonably low price (but, of course, out of my current reach). I can't be sure he'd be kind enough to hold to his original low estimate after that. He does have a business to run.

So, tomorrow, once again, I'll try contacting various agencies. I did that last week. One would normally help but this year, their funding grants do not cover the unincorporated area I live in. Another didn't get back to me - they're first on my list in the morning. And I'll work my way down.
I know full well, from experience, that it will work out. But sometimes, no matter how much faith we have, we humans have a moment or two of doubt or worry. That, too, will pass.

Thankfully, this week I am very busy with our senior mobile home community's monthly newsletter. Writing, editing, revising, printing, stapling, and even delivering some of the issues, will help keep my mind occupied while things are working out. I enjoy most of the process.

Aside from that, I kept myself busy today to avoid obsessing over it. I cleared some bags from my trunk. Then I shoved 4 huge bags and 2 small ones back into the trunk. These are our handmade baby items. I'll deliver them on Thursday morning, early. I love doing that.

Managed a few other happy little tasks, as well. Good day, in general.

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