Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Made Big Batch of Turkey Burgers; Brakes Update

Well, we got the brakes as quiet as possible. The thing is - it's an old car, 14 years old, and I got it off a used car lot 4 years ago and it was obvious the first year that the previous owner (or owners) had neglected it. 

My mechanic has this thing running safely for me now. When my live-in nephew (before he passed on) and I got it, we never expected it to last even these 4 years. Even if we had, we did not expect it to be in this good a condition at that point.

This shop, its owner, and its team, are like family now. They will not let me drive it if they would not let their own family drive it. We've all agreed to keep it going as long as we can. When it becomes impossible to do that, or when it would be ridiculous to do a particular repair because of the cost versus outcome, I'll get rid of it. 

For now, my brakes are good. The sound effects are very minimal. I've got very good hearing so I'm almost the only one who will be hearing this.

Now - my turkey burgers. I've been with the car at the shop, a good part of the day, two days running. The day before that, I pulled out two one-pound rolls of ground turkey, to defrost in the fridge. I figured I'd really better mix and cook that meat, and do it today.

I've altered my evolving recipe one more time - this time I am really in love with this mixture. Out of the two one-pound loaves, and the rest of the "stuff," I ended up with 11 quarter-pounders. Had one tonight, and will freeze the others.

Wrote everything down, fast. Transferred it to my PC - hey, I'm 76 - these brain cells ain't as good as they used to be, memory-wise.

I've finally got it down to a healthy variation - and it's totally suited to my taste buds. I hate tasteless, bland "healthy" food!

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