Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Brakes and Yarn and Stuff

Spent quite a few hours today while they were doing my brakes. There wasn't anything urgent but there were little things that led me to have them take a look. The front brakes are great. The back ones needed work but I was just in time to avoid getting rotors - instead, they were able to machine them.

When they were done, hours later and having run through the Land of the Lost on the screen in the shop, twice, I drove home. Brakes felt good. But I had sound effects - nothing loud, just a nagging little whistle and a down-the-scale tune. I called the shop when I got home and I'll go back for a quick fix in the morning.

All in all, I feel better having done this.

Our senior mobile home park manager called this evening to say someone dropped off a few bags of yarn for our charity crafting group. The amazing thing is that I was just beginning to realize that it might be time for me to scout around for some more yarn for our projects for the local needy. 

I am always grateful to note that we receive yarn just when we need it. I guess that's His way of telling me I've got to keep our group going for a little longer - I got the message.

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