Saturday, August 8, 2015

I Was A Good Girl Today

I surprised myself today by cleaning (mostly) my dirty, scuzzy, filthy, disgusting burners and surrounding area of my gas stovetop. 

It was so bad (you must know by now, in this post, that I hate this job) that I truly did not think I'd see the white under the burnt-on, heat-compacted and sealed-to-the-surface gunk, ever again. 

This morning, I tried 409 and a few other things I had under the sink. Finally, with not even a dent in the job, I grabbed my old faithful Comet. I grabbed a small recycled-margarine container, and poured a small amount of Comet into it. I added enough water to make a paste. I grabbed one of those sponges that are rough on one side and spongy on the other side. I cut it into fourths and dipped one piece into the Comet goop.

I gently squeezed the goop on the worst of the burners - might as well go BIG, I figured.

After a little gentle rubbing, it began coming off! Rinsing, and dipping, and wiping, with a silly smile on my face and cramps in my thumb and finger, I managed to get all but the oldest layer off that burner. 

Well, then the other four looked bad. I tackled them and also around the outside of the burners.

So, in the end, I am happy with myself and the way it looks. 

I do still need to attack that bad-burner one more time. After the cramp leaves my fingers. But it's such a thin layer now, and not gunky - just old and heat-sealed to the finish - can't wait until that's off, too. 

I think I have a pack of those burner protectors in here somewhere. If not, I'll check the dollar stores later.

So, I was a good girl today. I am happy with me...I just wish being a good girl these days wasn't so hard on the body matter - it was worth it.


cards4ubylouise and other treasures said...

Come do mine please. I shall have to remember the "comet and water" goop.

Evelyn Mayfield said...

It's a funny thing about Comet - I think it must have some Clorox in it. I have often used generic bleaches for various reasons, but for real, deep and serious bleaching, I always grab Clorox. Same with cleanser - I will use generics, but when I really need serious cleanser-action, I grab the Comet - it never fails me - and it rarely scratches or damages the surface. I don't even know what made me try this, but I am happy that I did. I plan to use it on the "hood" over my stove - that is a sad situation (sigh).

Evelyn Mayfield said...

Ooops, forgot to say I'm in NV and can't come to do yours if you are in another state unless you can get me there without a plane (lol) - I just do not want to do that security-mess at this point in my life (lol).