Sunday, August 9, 2015

Being a Good Steward in Several Ways

I often think about the fact that my body is only on loan to me. I know I have an obligation to take care of it and return it in as good as condition as possible until it is returned to its rightful owner - my Father. I've even written before, here, about that, at this link.

Lately, I also began realizing that my home, too, is a blessing and I am obligated to take care of it as well as I am able. 

We often think of the suggestion that we be good stewards of what is given to us by our heavenly Father as applying only to financial matters.

I realize that it applies to anything at all that he blesses me with - even my shelter-kitty. If he entrusts something to my care, I need to try to do right by that trust.

Still, being human, I do mess up - far too often.

The good thing about our Father is that he loves, loves, loves to forgive, forget, and let us start over. In fact, he wants us to start again, to try again.

And so, once more, I will try to do right by what has been given to me. I may have far less than most, but I have far more than some. 

Father, thank you, seriously, for everything I have at this moment, even this computer on which this is written. Thank you for the folks who are reading this. And thank you for my shelter, my immediate needs, and for the occasional surprises you send my way. I promise to try, and try, to do right by your blessings.

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