Monday, August 3, 2015

Rekindling A Former Spiritual Habit

Lately, before bed, I read one devotional from each of two different daily devotional books. I've done this for about two months now. It is very soothing to climb into bed, ready to say my "Thank you" prayers as usual, bolstered by some uplifting thoughts. 

About two weeks ago, one of the passages mentioned a scriptural reference that I did not remember, so I opened my bible and checked it out. That began a regular routine of adding, also, at night, one chapter in the bible.

Years ago, oh, okay, decades ago (at 75, that is not as weird as it looks in print), I had read it, that way, a chapter a day, three times through. I've still got notes in the back from those wonderful trips. I had noticed, even back then, that no matter how many times I read it, there is always something new to discover.

Back then, I began at the beginning. This time, however, for some odd reason, I began with the New Testament and am making my way through Mathew. 

I am always delighted to learn that so many of our common phrases and sayings come directly from the bible.

So, I am sharing my newest spiritual adventure with you. As I discover all the amazing things I tend to forget when life gets in the way, I'll share them with you.

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