Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Exciting Night with My Non-Contract TV

When I went to non-contract TV almost a year ago (it will be a year in October), I began using an analog-to-digital converter box and an indoor antenna.

Although I was thrilled to find about a dozen decent channels, I could not seem to pull in Ch 8 here - CBS - my very, very fave channel of all. For almost a year, I have done without. 

For a long while, two dear friends supplied me with VCR tapes they made of some shows on that channel and others I did not get - Jeopardy, CSI, NCIS, etc.

Then, almost the same week, each of their VCRs went belly up. That was about a month or so ago.
Tonight, I accidentally ran across the instructions for my indoor antenna. 

Tonight, I really, really miss my beloved little sis, Betty. She passed away in '10, at 69. One of her favorite sayings was "If all else fails, follow the directions." Well, tonight, Betty, I am laughing, the way you would laugh with me, because I finally read, completely, those directions. 

I extended this, and twirled that, and bent this down and folded this up - and lo and behold, I got my CBS! I actually watched Jeopardy, on my own humble analog, boxy, tv-with-built-in-VCR, and really, really enjoyed it.

That said, tomorrow I will not go out of the house at all. 

Well, that's not totally true. A dear friend gave me a $10 Starbucks card last week. I'm gonna run out and be at my closest shop as soon as it opens. I'm gonna get a grande drink and something on a croissant, and bring them home.

THEN, I will sit and watch my favorite news team, my favorite meteorologist (Sherry Swensk), and Kelly and Michael, and Price is Right, and, well, you get the picture. And, I will get the picture, too! 

During the shows, I'll work on some crochet for the charity crafting group, or for my Etsy shop.

During the commercials, I'll do some kitchen work.

I'll will be happily, joyfully, delightfully USELESS for the entire day!

You are all forewarned!  

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