Sunday, August 23, 2015

Amazing Blessings in my Life

Happiness is in the mind. 

I was thinking tonight that in one way, compared to friends, former co-workers, even some relatives who do not bother with my "side" of the family, I have nothing.

On the other hand, I am so happy that I feel guilty enjoying the blessings in my life.

Yes, it's true that I do not have alphabet soup after my name - I never even began college - lots of reasons for that back in the day - reasons and problems that, at the time, could not be overcome. But at the end of my working life, I worked in a job that, in my girlhood, would not have even entered my dreams.

True, I do not have a landed home; my 37-year-old mobile home needs work. But the home is paid for and I only pay a low space rent and I have my own roof over my head. That, too, was never even in my dreams during the "terrible years" of apartment life.

And, yes, I might live here in Sin City. But it's also true that I have been blessed to live in four states, in four different climates and adjusted to them, and that in my wildest dreams, I never thought I'd ever be living in Las Vegas, NV. As for Sin City, we have an amazing, wondrous number and assortment of churches and other gathering places for folks of faith.

True, also, that I never had children - couldn't carry past 8 weeks. But I helped raise a few, and was blessed to be with one until a little over a year ago - watched him, and helped him, grow from a 10-year-old to the 58-year-old who passed away in my home. Amazing years.

I often wished for a piece of land where I could have any living creature who wandered my way. Instead, I have had a succession of fur-babies who have brought me sweetness while I, hopefully, gave them what they needed in exchange.

These days, I am thrilled with my upright freezer and how I have been able to happily fill it. 

Of course many of my friends have tons of family members - sons, daughters, grands, spouses, more. I have one brother left who is in another state and neither of us can visit. But I am blessed with a beloved variety of friends - local, distant, and even of the cyber variety - all of them loved by me and who give that love back in many ways.

And I am involved in charity crafting, a volunteer newsletter for our mobile home community, and lots more. My mind and my days can be as busy, or as simple, as I choose for them to be.

How can I ask for more than that?

Father in Heaven, simply, Thank you!

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