Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heat and Life and Stuff

For now, I'm happily existing in our 114 heat today - we've almost hit 21 days of over-105 which is the current record - might make it. I'd rather see all of this now and then, come mid-July, just coast through the summer at about 105 - I never thought I'd live somewhere where I would think that was a blessing).

I am constantly grateful that I finally defrosted my old upright freezer back on the 7th. I spent most of the week, about two weeks ago, doing a different crock pot special each day and packing it away in there. Right now, I have stashed Pepper Steak, 3 Bean Ground Turkey Chili, Stuffed Peppers (again with ground turkey), Ground Turkey Loaf (kinda the size of baseballs), and Shredded BBQ Pork. I took a break this week and hope to start again next week with some sides to keep handy: baked beans, mashed potatoes (white and sweet), carrots (so much better than canned) and more.

Today, I just vegged out. I did put out a big jar and made a batch of Sun Tea. Out here, this time of year, that brews very quickly.

One of our TV stations did a test last week - they took some chocolate chip cookie dough and dropped spoonfuls on one cookie sheet and put the sheet on the dash in a car, locked the car, left it out in the sun, then checked back later. Within a couple hours, the cookies were baked. 

When you live here, you learn quickly NEVER to grab the metal car door handle with unprotected flesh - I had a huge blister from that mistake the first year I was out here.

All that aside, it was a blessedly peace-filled day - at my age, you do get to really appreciate one of those. I hope yours was just as nice.

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