Saturday, June 20, 2015

Thank You for Your Prayers

I already know, because you have told me in the past, that some of you pray for others anytime you see a request even though you might not be able to say so online. So, for those of you among my friends who do that, and for the others who have told me overnight that they had my brother and his wife in their prayers, Thank You! 

The fires raging in the Big Bear Lake area of CA are only 30 air-miles and about 55-60 road-miles from my brother's humble homestead.

Today, he called me and updated me. They are not in immediate danger from this latest CA fire, apparently, even though they were in strong danger from one a while back, the Pioneer fire. This one, he tells me, would be bad for them IF it were all flat-land between the fire and his home. But it would have to cross a couple of mountains and that is unlikely.

I feared for them - I didn't fear physical danger. But I feared they would lose their home. They've been in that cabin for over 40 years. They are in their 70s. They are low-to-almost-poverty-level income.

Even with that, our family has always tried to take things as they come. We teased that if he'd had to come here with me, I might be able to deal with him and his wife, but I wouldn't have room in my 10x12 shed for his horse. At that, I'd have to hide the horse because we have a 40-pound pet limit in our mobile home community.

All said, the prayers helped to get me the answers I needed, and to reassure me that he is not in immediate danger.

Lord Jesus, thank you for hearing our prayers. I ask that you continue, however, to watch over any and all others in the fire's path!  

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