Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Small Chunks of Time Eventually Add Up

I often hear myself complaining, to myself, about not having large enough chunks of time to do this or that. 

I sorely need to de-clutter and re-organize in here. The Lord has seen fit to make me an informal “distribution center.” It’s not anything of value – except to those who need what folks trust me to find “homes” for. Still when it comes in, it often comes in big batches and I end up tossing it here or there and there it sits.

I also need to defrost my upright freezer – big time. You don’t want to know how thick the ice is in that thing. It’s the household chore I dislike most. But since I must depend on slow-cooker meals to extend my non-existent food budget, I need that poor old freezer to stay healthy.

And there are other things – things that I tell myself will take at least a whole day and that means not leaving the house for a whole day. That rarely happens these days.

Today I took hold of my stuck-in-a-rut (task-wise) self. I thought back to times when I made myself agree to just one hour on this, or one hour on that. I remember happily how much I accomplished with de-cluttering in even just that short a time-slot.

So, rather than constantly telling myself that I don’t have whole days to do this-and-that, I must start telling myself to take one hour “today” and tackle this-or-that for just one hour. 

But I will need help, divine help – I am not usually eager to do these things.

Sweet Jesus, you lived here on earth. Your family had far less than we have in today’s world, possession-wise. Yet I am sure that you saw clutter, knew friends and family and loved ones with clutter. I’m sure that back then, time was even scarcer for household chores than it is now because of the lack of time-savers. Please glance my way and bless me with the grace and encouragement to develop good new habits to get this place organized however the Father wishes it to be. And bless me with the grace to do it happily. 

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