Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Reality of the Power of Prayer

This morning I sent an email to a private prayer list. This is a group of my dear friends. They are always in my own prayers and many of them are in worse situations than I am in. We pray for each other. 

This morning, I did feel the need for some extra prayer power. Within two hours of sending that email, my prayers were answered. My heart aches for some of my friends, though, who are still waiting for answers to their own prayers.

Back to my note.

In my email, I did mention that I was giving details of my reason for the prayer request. I have learned that there are two different schools of thought on how to pray. 

Some of my friends ask for specifics. 
Others, like me, ask for patience while waiting on God to work out the solution to the problem.

I have personal reasons for my own approach. It might not be the right one for other folks, but it is right for me. 

If I pray for specifics, I can easily be disappointed if I do not receive the solution in the way I expect. I am all too human and all too limited in my scope of what to expect.

However, when I pray for patience while waiting for Him to work it out, I am never disappointed. Eventually, I see the answer. Many times, it is totally different than expected. But with an open mind, I see it and am very grateful for it.

Sweet Jesus, thank you for answering my prayers today, and those of my friends. I am grateful for your help. Thank you for the open mind that allowed me to see the answer easily even though it wasn’t what I expected. Meanwhile, please bless my friends in whatever way they need your help. And, help them with the grace to be patient and understanding while the Father works out the details for them. 

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