Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Accomplished a Little Today

Yesterday I wrote about how I’d like to develop a habit of tackling some big projects by doing just an hour a day – doing it a little at a time. I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in being able to start it right away. My history with self-promises is not all that great.

Still, I managed to do a little. And, it was about an hour. 

My pantry has the washer and dryer on one side, and a wonderful counter on the other. Under the wonderful counter is where the kitty’s bathroom is. Above both the appliances and the wonderful counter, across from each other, is a wonderful batch of cabinets.

But, on TOP of the appliances, and all over the counter, is a not-so-wonderful collection of “stuff.” When I want to do a washload, I must move that stuff to a spot I manage to make bare by pushing stuff on the wonderful counter together, then it goes back the next day. When  I want to use the crockpot (on that wonderful counter), I move that stuff over to the tops of the appliances so the heat from the crockpot doesn’t affect it.

Anyway, today, I managed to clear off almost all the “stuff” from the tops of the appliances. I can actually see the knobs and controls. The only things left up there are two clear shoe-box style containers with all my batteries plus a small stack of magazines that I am reading each evening. 

The batteries will go inside one of those wonderful cabinets tomorrow.

The magazines will go into “something” as yet undetermined, to a place as yet undetermined. I read those while outside the door in the evening, sitting at the top of my back steps. 

So, surprisingly, I did accomplish something today.

Oh, and the “stuff” I removed went ‘places.’ Some went into a box that is slowly filling for the shed; some went where it was supposed to go; and a small amount actually was torn up and tossed away. Not bad.

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