Thursday, May 21, 2015

Not as Productive as Yesterday but Not Bad

I did spend a couple of hours with a friend of mine, keeping her company. 

Still, I was able to fit in a load of laundry, took a shower, changed my bed linens, picked up some things I needed at the store while out with my friend, and finished a baby blankie for our charity crafting group. On that blanket, I had about 1/3 to finish and then I did the edging. 

I hope to take some photos this weekend. In the midst of yesterday’s de-cluttering, I found where I put my digital camera – in a drawer, with its cord – and I remember now that a month ago I decided to begin keeping in a safe and dependable place. Go figure – never put anything in a safe place - it's too hard to find it again.

A couple I miss a lot (they moved out of state two years ago) passed through the mobile home park today, too. They stopped at just a few homes, grabbed a quick hug, and rolled off again. It was great seeing them; but it was far too swift a visit (sigh).

So, I can at least look back and see where I’ve done a little. 

Tomorrow is taken up in the morning with our charity crafting session. I don’t usually do much Friday afternoons because of that. So Saturday will be my next effort at continuing this do-a-little-each-day even if just for an hour at a time.

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