Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trying to Reason with a Cat is Not Sensible

My Silkie is allowed out on my driveway, or front porch, off and on throughout the day (by me, not our mobile home park community – she’s supposed to be on a leash if she’s outside so don’t rat me out!). 

I have learned over the past year of doing this that she sleeps better at night, she gets exercise up and down the steps (and also those moths are FAST and those birds FLY when they hear her tags clinking!), and she loves watching the folks walk up and down the street. 

I know she doesn’t mark or spray or do nasty things on nearby porches – she’s fussy – if she needs to use her litter box, she races up the steps, right into her “bathroom,” does what she does, and then races back outside – she’s a gal who likes HER bathroom.

But sometimes she likes the outdoors too much. Now that the weather is getting so much nicer here in Las Vegas, and the days do not darken until later and later, she argues with me about coming in for the last time at night. If she cannot find a moth to de-wing and de-leg, to bring in with her, she’s not ready, and she says NO quite loudly. 

I finally got her in tonight. But then I caught myself acting stupidly. I began telling her how lucky she was to have a nice long home (52 feet) to race through, a buffet at her feeding center, a second water dish way back in the far bathroom, clean bathroom (scraped every night), a mommy with a kitty-friendly-belly, and so much more – she didn’t care to hear all that. 

There must be a book out there that will help me explain the facts of life as they relate to living with a human caregiver – anybody know of one? (sigh)

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