Sunday, April 19, 2015

I Think I’m Resisting the Lord’s Plans for my Days

I had to laugh today when I realized that my idea of what I should be doing for the Lord, whether it be finding a way to pay the bills or getting at the clutter or whatever, differs from what he very firmly pushes (guides?) me into doing.

I’ve been feeling frustrated a bit the past few days because I make plans to do the things I think he wants and needs to me do and then I get sidetracked by something else.

But the things that sidetrack me turn out to be helpful to others he has placed on my life’s path – I cannot deny that fact.

Today was another example. I had hoped to work heavily on making my newest project – COOL (for Christ is Our Only Lord) mini-signs and magnets for my Etsy shop. Yesterday, my neighbor across the street asked me if I could use his living room couch and love seat. They were having a new set delivered that day and he was putting the older set out on his porch. The set would not work for me. It is leather or vinyl and between the cat scratching possibilities and the sweaty heat of the summer, and the fact that they are as big as what I’ve already got, I told him I’d send a few emails to friends here in our mobile home community to see if anyone wanted the pieces. They are beautiful – barely worn. I should add this was all free! So I sent emails and I made half a dozen calls and figured I was done. I did my part. 

This morning, I learned that the daughter of a dear friend, not far from our park, could really use and love that set. We went back and forth on timing and arrangements to meet over here, in emails and AOL messaging and phone calls. And I kept watch for my neighbor to tell him I had takers for the pieces. This was no big deal or any work on my part – just a little time and attention. We got it all done. I met them when they pulled up and introduced them to my neighbor and they are now happy owners of a new living room set for this couple and their cute kids.

So, after things simmered down, I started to pick up my needlework again, and I looked at where I had stopped, thought back over the morning, and I had to laugh. 

About a year ago, I had told some friends that I thought God was making me one of his “distribution centers” because people were constantly giving me “stuff.” Mostly it is crafting “stuff.” So then I get on Freecycle, or emails or other means, and find “homes” for the “stuff.” Some of it is still in here, and hopefully will find homes in my next round. So, now that I look back over the past few days, I think he is also making me his “middle man” (“middle woman”?). 

If that is so, I’d better just stop fighting him and let all the rest of my projects (funds for bills, volunteer work, de-cluttering, etc.) and their timing, all up to him. There was a time when I easily adjusted to changes in my plans. I guess it’s time to get back in that mode.

True, I really would love to get totally de-cluttered and rearranged in here, and to get my upright freezer defrosted and make a few more slow cooker meals and a few other things, but all in his time.

Heavenly Father, I am sorry I have been blocking your efforts to have me help you with some things here. Forgive me for being so dense – I don’t always get your hints but I really don’t want you to have to get my attention by drastic means, either. So I ask, instead, for the wisdom to see what you need me to do, and for the peace and faith that I need to easily adjust to your timing, and finally, to trust you to take care of everything else.    

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