Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Size of Local Houseflies This Year

Am I the only one to notice that our local (Las Vegas, NV) houseflies, this spring, are big enough to throw a saddle on and take for a ride? 

I know we breed “big” out here, and that some of it, locals claim, is due to “fallout” from decades-ago underground nuclear testing, but the two or three who came inside the past few days are bigger than I’m used to seeing. I leave the door open at times for the cat to meander out and sit on the steps or on the driveway. She does love to hunt the flitty-fellows, too, so they don’t last long.

Still, I am amazed at the size of this year’s housefly. 

Makes me happy I don’t have flowering shrubs that might attract bees or wasps. I don’t wanna think about how big they will be this spring and summer. 

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