Thursday, April 30, 2015

Next Week Or So Will Be Busy

You will see me a little busy for the next week, in the mornings before it gets really hot.

Our senior mobile home park manager stopped here yesterday and gave me a week to clear the stuff off my back driveway. I thought I had it stacked neatly. You really do not notice it from the street, but considering they’ve given notices to other nearby neighbors recently, I guess they are doing park-walks (site checks) again. 

It is a good thing, in a way. Most parks are finding folks leaving instead finding new folks moving in. If they want folks to want to come into the park and live here, they need to make sure the outward appearance is pleasant.

We all know I do need to do this, but I didn’t want to start the outside just yet. Still, I guess the Lord knows best because we are going into high-temp mode already, so this might be the only time that’s right to do it.

I plan to go into the shed on Saturday morning and rearrange it and get ready to move most of the stuff in there. A lot of it was for the yard sale which I didn’t have. Some of it will go to charity pick-up’s and some to Freecycle pick-up’s. The rest will be safely marked and stored until the Fall park-wide yard sale. 

After the shed is ready to receive stuff, I’ll spend Monday, Tuesday, etc., re-packing and marking the stuff. I have a pretty sturdy dolly to move the cartons around the back of the house and around to the shed. But I need to do it in the mornings before the heat hits each day. 

Maybe I can then set up a nice sitting area on the back part of my driveway for summer mornings and evenings.

A year ago, before I lost some weight and my lab tests showed better readings and my arthritis bothered me more (because of the weight), this would have been beyond me in that time-frame. Now, if I handle it right, and pace myself, it will loosen me up and even make my bod feel good, I’m sure.

Yep – even though it wasn’t what I planned to do this coming weekend and next week, it’s what must be done. Afterwards, I know I will be not only relieved but happy about the results.

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