Saturday, April 25, 2015

Free Car Wash Today

Considering that I got a free car wash, finished some quickie thank-you gifts, paid a bill, and did some other things today, it wasn’t as unproductive as it started out.

The free car wash is my second from the same firm. When the rain began on my side of town, I put my car out in front of the mobile home and let God wash it for me. In half an hour, I parked it back on the driveway under the carport and toweled it off. It’s nice and shiny – two months ago, I used the same car wash – they’re eco-friendly.

There were 3 thank-you gifts I needed to finish. I did the crochet topper on a dishtowel on one and finished the buttons on two others. Then I tucked in the ends on a dishcloth for each and printed a thank you note to go with each. It went much faster than I expected.

I took photos of the towels and cloths for my Facebook page. Then I remembered I had never re-installed the camera when I transferred files to this laptop I’m trying to use. The install went quickly so that’s another thing I got done today.

Not a bad way to finish. Guess there was a lot more I could have done but I consider it a good day when I get ANYthing done... 

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