Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Bunny Mystery Still Unsolved

Most of you who read this blog, and some of my local friends, know that I gave up chocolate for Lent. 

You also know how much I was looking forward to midnight Saturday so I could gleefully chomp some chocolate – or at least, sometime on Sunday.

I was happily surprised a little after Noon when I went out my back door yesterday (Sunday) and found something on my back steps – from the Easter Bunny!
It was a plastic deli-style 2# container, decorated with bunny decals. Inside was a card, handwritten, which said: Happy Easter from the Easter Bunny – Happy Chocolate Day. It was a cute card, with doggies and kitties on the front.

Also in the container was a luscious chocolate bunny, solid milk chocolate, almost 8 inches tall. I don’t know whether to start at his ears or at his toes.

The thing is – I’ve interrogated, um, I mean, questioned, the few suspects who immediately came to mind. I’ve also looked in this archaeological dig I call home for samples of handwriting from those suspects. It looks as though the person who wrote the note tried to disguise the handwriting – or they were writing against a ruler’s edge to either keep it straight or to further disguise it. 

Everyone I’ve interrogated, um, questioned, says it was not them.

So, either they didn’t do it and it was someone I never even considered – or – someone lied to me on Easter day!

The mystery might never get solved. In the meantime, I’ll soothe my tired brain with a bite of – you guessed it – solid milk chocolate.

Thank you, my anonymous Easter Bunny! You made my day! 

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