Monday, April 6, 2015

Answers to Unspoken Prayers

Sometimes God answers prayers that I never even get a chance to put into words. Sometimes I am so frantic, just dealing with a situation that I forget to pray, to ask for his help. I keep plunging forward, doing what I think is best, not asking for his help.

When those unformed prayers are answered, I am always amazed and I am always humbled.

Recently, my bottom dentures broke – again. Each time, I put them back together with super glue. They broke 3 times in 2014; they’ve already broken 4 times this year.

In addition, all this gluing kept pushing the pieces further and further apart, even if only a fraction of an inch at a time. At this point, by the time my days ended, my jaw always ached in the back, on both sides, from being pushed apart awkwardly.

This time, I tried a different approach. This has been going for several years. The glue has built up during that ime. I realized that maybe that build up needed some decreasing. I thought about a nail file – too awkward for tight spaces and angles. I thought about an emery board – too soft. Then I rummaged through a stack of sand paper I once thought about tossing out after my “nephew” died last year. I had assumed I personally would never use it. I chose a piece of the strongest grade. I cut a small piece off (this also sharpened the scissors I used – good deal).

I really worked on those two pieces. I was able to see the dried glue in comparison to the denture material and teeth. I worked gently but steadily. Then I took a piece and made a sort of pointed end and sort of sanded a little dent on the edge of the one piece. I reckoned that it would give the glue a little gully to snuggle into and create a better grip. And then I glued them.

The next morning, they held. But the glue had seeped out on both the front and back of the pieces. This left jagged, hard seams. My tongue kept navigating to those seams. After two days, my tongue was sore and getting almost raw. That night, I took more sandpaper and smoothed the edges. 

Next day? Easy wearing; easy eating; no more sore tongue. Also, because I had managed to smooth away all the glue build up, my jaw no longer aches at night. 

Even if they break again, I will at least be able to do a neater, safer job on them.

Father, I never even got around to asking you for help this time. Still, you heard my unspoken prayer and answered it in better ways than I had a right to expect. Thank you for seeing my needs and taking care of them, even when I don’t realize I need to ask.     

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