Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Wonderful Visit - First Time Seeing Long-Time Cyber-Friend

Me (in green) & Yvette (in black)
 Just came back from lunch with long-time cyber-friend and sister-crafter, Yvette. Met her honey (Don) and her son (Travis) and her little long-haired Chi, Trixie. We decided to lunch outside at a local Sonic as they passed through Vegas and surrounding areas. 

This was SO much fun and so exciting. We’ve known each other, online, for almost a decade. Yvette was great to be with, easy to talk to, and smart and fun. Her “guys” were the same, and I really love Trixie.

Yvette, her guys, and Trixie
We met years ago in a craft-swap group. Someone would host a swap. If we had time for that one, we’d join. Someone would send us our partner’s name and we’d make something for them, and in exchange, another member, or that one, would send to us. It was such fun and we had such a sweet, loving group of gals.

I’m posting a few photos we took. 

Even though it would have been great to have a longer visit, I am so grateful for the hour and a half we had to visit. Nobody pushed us to leave so we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Safe journey home, my friend! 

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