Sunday, March 8, 2015

Packed Bags for Hospice Distribution, for Tomorrow

Managed to pack 9 bags for distribution to a local hospice today. Lap covers are bulky and I only put 4 per bag. That’s for a kitchen bag (13 gal size). I stopped using the larger bags because not everyone can lift and lug those around. Short people, like me, are especially challenged by those (sigh).

In the morning, one of our senior mobile home community neighbors will pick them up on her way to work at the hospice. The transfer is convenient in that respect.

We were able to pass along 23 lap covers and 9 shawls, all handmade, either crochet or knitted. This batch, I’m happy to say, includes a nice mix of colors that will comfort both the guys and the gals in need. Often, we don’t have enough “guy” colors - men, even those who are very ill, are still filled with pride, and I like that. Still, it means some will not use something with pink or lavender in it. Others are not so fussy and go for the warmth and comfort and softness.

It always feels good to send along these things.

Later this week, we’ll make our final drop for the local homeless on the street. Our weather is warming up at night now, and we’ll concentrate on other needs.

Next week, I have to pack and deliver for the babies for local mothers in need. 

Our little group is not large but we do enjoy what we are doing and we do manage to make enough to pass along.  

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