Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Kink is Gone

I awoke this morning with a little kink in left back side. I assumed it was a muscle kink because of something I did during the night - wrong twist in my sleep, whatever. I decided to try to “work it out” and be a little active today. 

I hadn’t planned to take the trash bucket out to the curb, just a bag. But I went around, looking for anything that needed to go, for extra activity. I also hadn’t planned to carry the Recycle tub out to the curb because I didn’t think I had enough to fill it, but I did that, too.

Then I took a short walk to our senior mobile home park mailroom. That’s only about five homes over and then back again. But it really did feel good.

When I got back, I decided it was nice and early (not even 8 a.m.), and the ground was surely still damp with dew, so I walked around the back end of the home and pulled some weeds. Our lots are desert landscaped, so there is gravel and/or stone covering most of it. But my home seems to sprout weeds along the back and half of the two sides, exactly where the skirting meets the ground. This means some of the weeds have snuggled down just under the skirting and must be coaxed out. Now these were serious weeds. I’m talking about weeds almost up to the hip bone, and quite strong and determined. Many of them I had to twist and break their stubborn necks. But at least I got the worst out. I can then spray the roots and get better results than just spraying the bush-size versions. This, too, felt good afterwards. 

Next I had breakfast and then walked down my steps, over to my neighbor, and up his steps, and chatted for about a half hour. Then back down his steps and back up mine.

At that point, I got a call from a friend. She takes our charity crafting donations (our crocheted and knitted things) to our contact for the homeless. I had asked, a few days ago, if they might want some used men’s tees (all sized 1x, 2x, and 3x) for their people. She called to say they definitely were interested. So I grabbed some kitchen trash bags and went into my nephew’s room. He passed on back in February of last year. I ended up packing two whole bags of them. Then I noticed I still had quite a few men’s casual shorts and sweat pants and even some tops. I grabbed a few more bags and filled them. This meant a lot of bending and packing. This was followed by a lot of toting the stuff out and down the steps and to the car trunk.

Along the way, were meals, dishes, and minor activities.

The kink is gone.

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