Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Prayers Badly Needed for Friend’s Grandson in Accident!

A dear, dear long-time cyber-friend is in need of your most heartfelt prayers for her grandson. In her words:
“Today in the very early hours say around 1:00 am my grandson..., the one in the Army, stationed in Ft. Bliss TX, on the way home to base, hit a patch of snow, lost control of the truck, it flipped over and he was ejected out, and is now fighting for his life at the Hospital... He will be 20 yrs old next Thursday. They have him in ICU on life support. They say there is fluid in his brain. My daughter and her hubby flew out early evening because the Dr's there called them to say they were going to drill a small hole in his head that has a camera attached, to see if there's any bleeding in there.”

The whole family is beside themselves with fear and worry. They are faith-driven people, but we all know that at times like this, we need special help.

Please, spare a moment to send up a quick, heartfelt prayer for this family? I know those who read this blog also believe that where two or three are gathered in His name, he is there - and he is doesn’t matter that we are not gathered in his name under the same roof - we are gathered in the Spirit.

Father, Sweet Jesus, most Holy Spirit - please bless this family with all the strength and faith and grace that they need to endure this tragic situation. Let them know you are with them.    

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