Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lap Cover for Needy, Work in Progress

Even though I have not posted in what feels like a century, regarding our Friday morning charity crafting group, we have been steadily active. I hope to post last year’s total distribution figures very soon. I am way behind in doing that.

Now, we are tapering off on the hats, scarves and fingerless gloves for our local homeless. Out here in Las Vegas, our nights are in the 50s and approaching the 60s. For those in need, though, we keep it up until the end of this month. 

We’ve begun increasing our efforts for the local babies in need and for a hospice or two.

Today, for instance, I got as far as this photo shows on a lap throw for a hospice. I love this diagonal stitch. 

With a K hook, and worsted weight leftovers, it moves quickly. What we love most about this is that you only go so far and then you begin reducing the number of stitches (blocks) across. In a humongous granny square, for instance, it keeps getting bigger and bigger and you get more and more tired of it. But with this stitch, eventually you reach your one side’s width and then begin reducing. It is such fun to begin working less and less as you get near the end. 

For lap covers, we keep them from 30” to 36” across. That’s wide enough to cover an average lap in a wheel chair without it hanging down too much on the sides and getting caught in the wheels. Length varies depending on our yarn or other things. We try to keep it no longer than down to where someone’s ankles would be when sitting.

Oh, and with the diagonal stitch, you can just tie the two ends together (when changing colors) and crochet over them. It’s a very forgiving stitch. I often use the ripple but with that, I must weave in ends.

This one’s coming along very should comfort someone, hopefully just when they need it most.

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