Sunday, February 8, 2015

Appreciating a Lull In Life’s Challenges

It has been a few days since my last blog post. Mostly, it has been quiet. My second cataract surgery was on the 29th, so I’ve been busy with the post-op eye drop routine. On the 18th, they’ll do my last checkup and if all is well, I’m done. Vision is great - there’s the expected shimmering and so forth but the world is so much brighter with these new eyes. Sometimes it is almost too bright because I am not used to it. But I am so grateful for this and I’m glad I didn’t wait any longer than I did.

Two friends are healing as well as can be expected in their cases.

The one, with the C2 and C3 surgery now is free of her neck-collar and permitted to drive once again. For her, this is delightful. I’m happy that it is over and more than that, that she is healing very well. She has a new little puppy that the family is excited about. I’m sure the little girl fur-baby will help lift her spirits when she feels a bit limited for a while longer. I must keep her in my prayers, for a while, because there is still pain and discomfort with this healing.

The other one, who had been hospitalized for two weeks with double pneumonia, is now on oxygen. But she’s a spunky delightful gal who has made friends with her new “shoulder bag” and is committed to using her new walker when she needs to. Her daughter goes home tomorrow and both daughter and brother agree she will be fine alone. She and I live very close to each other, less than a dozen homes away. I’ll take her wherever she needs to go for a while until they give her, too, the okay to drive once again. With her, also, I’ll keep up the prayers until her final checkup.

I’ve been making some meals and putting them in the upright freezer. And soon, once I am permitted to lift over 10 pounds again, I’ll begin de-cluttering and preparing for our senior mobile home park’s Spring Park-Wide Yard Sale. That’s the second weekend in April, so I have time but I must begin.

All in all, it has been quite quiet for a few days. At first I thought that this did not justify a blog post. Then I realized that this is exactly when I should post. Why? Because, frankly, I am very very grateful for a few days to get ready for the next challenge I am sure will come my way, as it does to every one of us.

Father, thank you for these few stress-free days. Help me to use them wisely and to be grateful. Help me also to remember these days when life once more gets in the way of peace and quiet.

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