Monday, February 2, 2015

Not a Bad Day, All in All

The early morning visit with my Primary Care Doctor’s PA went well. I prefer dealing with him because he knows everything about me. With someone else, we have to go through the usual new routine. This wasn’t bad. 

Last time, in June, my blood pressure was 126/80, and my doc was smiling. Today it was 124 and his PA was smiling. Last June, I was 175 (down from about 192 early last year) and he was smiling. Today, I weighed 169 and his PA was smiling.

Now I need to keep the momentum going with the upcoming lab work, late this week or weekend. I’m praying my tri’s and my cholesterol remain as low as last June.

The thing I’m a little concerned about, and which is my own fault, is the sugar. So far, I have never had to have any meds and I’m only borderline Diabetic. BUT this test averages three months. That includes the Christmas holidays. I’m in trouble...

Another goodie today. I finally got a telephone company technician to listen to me on a trouble call and he was great. Every time it rains, my land line goes out. Usually it dries out overnight and it’s okay the next day. This time, it was out from 2 a.m. Friday until around Noon today. When he got here, I explained how it happens. Long story short - he replaced that whole strip of outside wiring that wends its way along the side and across the front of my house, the most exposed to the weather. All is well and should be fine for quite a few more years.

I even managed to make 2 pairs of fingerless/texting gloves for my Etsy shop and a pair for the charity crafting stash for the local homeless.

Yep, not a bad day...  

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