Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Why Do We Want Something More When We Know We Can’t Have It?

Looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight. I had no worries about my cataract surgery today, but fasting always does a job on me. Tell me I can’t drink anything at all after a certain time of night and the worry sets in. I’m always afraid I will unconsciously grab some water somewhere during the night. There’s no danger if I’m fully awake. But I am a sipper during the night. I always keep a recycled 1 liter bottle by the bed for that reason (but not last night, of course). And I get up during the night for quick restroom trips. That’s when I’m in danger. I get up to let water out, and then I usually put water back in. 

All went well. Since I wasn’t even due to arrive until Noon, I kept myself busy in the morning so I wouldn’t be tempted. But, when they let me loose, wow, was I thirsty and hungry. They did give me some juice (I chose apple) and it was cold and wonderfully wet. The straw didn’t have a chance. I drank that so fast I’m surprised I didn’t get an ice-cream-headache.

Back to the middle of the night. Isn’t it odd that when someone tells us we can’t have something, that’s when we want it even more? I guess we never outgrow that contradiction.

Back to normal tomorrow. Looking forward to it.  

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