Friday, January 30, 2015

Prayers Answered Before Being Asked

  This morning I knew I needed to pick up the newest addition to my cataract surgery post-op eye drop schedule but I wasn’t sure of the cost. This now makes 4 different bottles of drops a day, on a rather interesting and varied schedule. I decided to call the pharmacy, just before Noon, after my Friday morning charity crafting session. These drops are important because they found that the eye is more swollen inside than should be.

When I called, they told me it would be $23.65 because these drops are not covered by my insurance. They said that I could pick them up anytime after 3 p.m. The timing wasn’t a problem - it meant that at least I could get 2 doses in today before bed time.

When I hung up from the call, however, I sat there wondering where I'd get the money. I'd managed to pay all my bills on time and I tithe early in the month, but I had no spare cash. 

Less than an hour later, I was checking emails and noticed my Etsy shop’s item count was down by one and I checked my shop. It said I sold my "mile-a-minute" scarf for $35. 

The Lord answered a prayer that I hadn't even had time to ask - I now had enough for the Rx plus a little for gas for the car to hold me until my SSA on the 3rd. How incredible is that?

Father, we hear it said, time and again, that you answer our needs when they arise. Thank you so much for doing that again, today. And thank you for doing it so quickly that I didn’t even need to ask you. I praise you and am happy and grateful to be able to share the news of your mercy and goodness.      

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