Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good News About 2 Friends and Myself

Second cataract surgery went easier than first - of course, that genetic risk factor wasn’t present on this one. Post-op checkup tomorrow and final one end of February. I have to mention that I had the best IV “sticks” ever - two different nurses but in each case, on the top of my hand (hate those!). And each time, I didn’t even feel the insertion. I should have taken their names  and asked if they ever work “out.” It’s such a treat to not have someone probe or fish with a needle.

My friend with the double pneumonia might come home on Saturday. Her daughter will come and stay with her for a week to be sure Mom is okay to be alone. They are giving her very intensive physical therapy. She’s got aches from all that work but she says in a way, it is good. They might need to send her home with oxygen. I pray that is not necessary. Very few I know went home with it and were able to get off of it. But she’s made her peace with that possibility. She’s just so happy to look forward to coming home soon. This was a long bout - she’s been in there since the 17th.

And my other friend came through the neck disk (disc?) surgery and was actually out for a ride today with her daughter doing the driving. I know that must have been a good feeling for her. She has a little ways to go, also, as far as recovery goes. The therapy in that case will, I’m sure, be painful but necessary. 

So, this is a thank you for all your prayers, my friends. You are wonderful. I will keep you all in my own heart and prayers, as well.

Father, thank you for your compassion and mercy in these lives. Please continue to heal them each, in their own way, in as easy a manner as possible.    

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