Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayers Needed for Friends

There are some friends of mine who sorely need your prayers. They are in c-c-cold New York and not as old as I am (75) but definitely Seniors (lol). 

Seriously, they are a lovely, loving and giving couple. I’ve known them for years - first, here in Las Vegas, and now via the internet. 

But life has been hard of late for them because of medical issues. This couple is devoted to each other and it hurts them when either one is ill.

In my friend’s words:
“he cant walk alone any more...his entire left side stays swollen...no use of the arm and hand and leg...even his eye goes what direction it wants to...He went to a vascular surgeon last week...she’s taking tests to rule out the worst...He can’t do anything alone now...I do it all for him...He is my entire life. We have been together 16 years and I hope and pray there’s another 16 years. Just ask your friends to pray for him...”

That says it all. If you can spare a moment, that’s all it takes to go from your heart to God’s ears.

Their troubles make many of mine look quite small indeed.

Heavenly Father, you heard her prayer; now, please hear ours as well. Bless this loving couple with as much strength as they need. If it be your will, please, also, ease some of the pain and discomfort and sadness they are enduring. And please send the doctors all the wisdom and grace they need to make correct decisions in his case. We place this cause in your loving and compassionate and merciful hands!      

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