Friday, January 16, 2015

Prayers Needed for a Friend, an Expectant Mother!

An Etsy-friend needs prayers, big time. 

In her words:
If I may be so bold to ask you for prayer. I am expecting my fourth child and I have severe "morning" sickness that has been lasting all day and into the night. Being sick all the time has led me to develop anxiety and I wake up terrified.

This woman not only needs prayer for herself, but she needs healing sufficient to be able to cope with the rest of the family, as well. 

Please take a quick moment to send up a fast prayer for them?

Father, your own son came here and knows what our human bodies can feel like. His mother, Mary, knows as well. Please look gently and compassionately upon this woman who needs your love and healing big time to deal with her pregnancy and with her family as well. She believes in you and what you can do for her - please hear our prayers on her behalf.  

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