Saturday, January 17, 2015

About Non-Productive Days

I have the feeling I need to post something but I have no idea what to focus on. Going back over my day could help. 

I knocked off my passenger-side car mirror on Monday and a neighbor found me another at a local car junkyard. He brought it to me yesterday. I do feel I overpaid but it was my own fault. I got the money out of the ATM this morning and gave it to him. I should have put a “max” on it when I agreed to let him look for it. Still, it is here and my mechanic said it’s only an hour’s job. I’ll have that done early Monday morning. 

I hope to make a crock pot full of split pea soup tomorrow so I took some ham hocks out to defrost overnight. I love the smell of something cooking. It doesn’t matter if it’s from the oven, the crock pot or an outside grill. 

Maybe I’ll do a wash or two, too. I’d better do that laundry while I’m thinking of it. Today our water was off from 9 to about 4. I was grateful that I am the only one in the house right now and there are two bathrooms. I was thinking of those with several people in their homes. It had to be difficult for them.

Craft-wise, I finished the second of a pair of scarves for some dear friends and I’ll mail those Monday. I also need to mail some slippers to another friend. I do still have another bunch to work up this coming week. This winter I have the most compulsive, obsessive urge to keep my mid-west and east coast friends warm! I even managed to knock out a quick scarf for the local homeless for our charity crafting stash.

Oh, and I did finally get my flu shot for this season early today. I had kept putting it off. Then I realized that we are having a heavy flu season here in Nevada. I’ve been in and out of various medical facilities, and will be in more in another week, with all my cataract surgery pre-op, op, and post-op visits. This way, even if I run into it, it would at least be a weakened case.

I still can’t figure out why I feel the urge to do this tonight.

I also dropped off a bill payment this morning, and some stuff to a friend, and topped up my cheap little 5-year-old pre-paid flip-top $10 cell that I use only for roadside emergencies. I made a quick stop in the grocery store and also filled up 2 of my 3-gallon water jugs. 

Looking back, I hoped to do more, but I did do some things that needed to be done. I don’t want to ever have a day when I don’t do anything at all productive. I guess today’s few accomplishments were better than none at all.

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