Sunday, January 18, 2015

I’m a Lot Worried About a Friend/Neighbor Tonight

There’s a neighbor in here who I’ve become attached to, like a big sister. She’s 82 as of a week ago. She has been in a local ER the past 24 hours with, from what her brother told me, they think is pneumonia.

I’m very aware of what pneumonia can do to folks over 70. At 82, it’s a very risky situation. I tried to call several times but they said she was sleeping. This woman never, ever sleeps during the day. She also has narcolepsy and takes meds specifically to stay awake for a certain number of hours a day. So, having tried calling 4 different times, and each time being told she was sleeping, worries me. 

I have watched several loved ones deal with pneumonia in my lifetime so I do realize that it does tire the body and rest is good. I just hope she is making good progress. Not being a relative, I cannot get information. Her brother said he would try to call me tonight and update me on her condition. I will not call him. He’s got a job with a responsible position and odd hours, and pets, and other obligations. So, I must be patient. And I must pray.

Meanwhile, this now has me concerned about another friend who is having symptoms that worry me. I pray that if she needs to see a doctor soon, God will whisper in her ear. Waiting just a shade too long can be fatal in pneumonia cases. Lots of folks have made the serious mistake of thinking that’s not what is wrong with them.

Anyhow, I am truly worried about the first woman. I suspect that I will need to re-schedule my cataract surgery which currently sits at 1/28. Even if all goes well, I suspect that she will be too weak to drive me over there and hang out in the lobby for several hours and then drive me home. Re-scheduling doesn’t bother me. The thought of losing another friend bothers me.

Sweet Lord Jesus, people came to you while you walked the earth, constantly. You helped them all. You continued to help even after you went back to the Father. This woman needs your help, your attention. All we need is for you to glance in her direction, see the need, and if it does not interfere with the Father’s plan, help her. Meanwhile, send the grace needed by those who care about her, any that we need, to deal with our concern and worry and fears during her illness.

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