Thursday, January 22, 2015

Managed to Get Some Things Done Today

At the end of the day, I didn’t do all that I should have done, or all that I had planned, but still feel good about the rest of it. 
Today I left the house early, around 7. Picked up my friend’s newspaper (while she’s in the hospital) and got her mail and mine; went to the senior food pantry for the monthly pickup and on to the hospital. She is doing well but she is too weak, she feels, to be home alone, so she is in complete agreement to a short rehab stay. They expect to make that transfer tonight.
After I came home, I had some cereal and some hot coffee. I needed to make a few phone calls. One went to a neighbor who I share some of the food pantry groceries with to tell him I’d drop his off in the morning. Some people feel what they give is not much, but quite frankly, anything they give is something I do not have to pay for and I am grateful. This place gives out two big plastic grocery bags each month. Usually it is 2 boxes of cereal, 2 bottles of juice, 2 cans fruit, 2 cans veggies, dry elbow macaroni and sometimes dried beans or rice, either boxed milk or dry milk, and sometimes canned chili or canned beef or chunk chicken in a can. Anyhow, it’s nice to get it.
I also had to call about my eye drop prescription to be sure I can pick it up tomorrow. I need to start the routine on Sunday, in preparation for the surgery. Checked my email. By then it was time for a little lunch. I tossed in a quick load of laundry, and followed that with a shower. The time for my shower is usually guided by the temperature in the back bathroom - that sort of has me doing them mid-afternoon on colder days.
One of our charity crafters had dropped off about 100 hats for the homeless for us to distribute, so I took them and put them into plastic 13-gallon kitchen trashies for easy transfer tomorrow. I packed them in my trunk, and the groceries in the back seat. Another crafter will take them to another lady who will get them to the local priest for distribution directly to the homeless.
Somewhere in the afternoon, I made a batch of brown rice. I like to be able to just defrost a small batch when I need it. This past year, I began to occasionally cook up a batch and freeze it in small portions. I needed the rice for dinner, so it made sense to make the time and effort count for future needs, too. For instance, I often use it to make what I call my “Lazy Lady Rice Pudding.” For that, I just pull out a fruit yogurt and a small serving of cooked/defrosted brown rice (about 1/4-1/3 cup) and mix them together. It’s surprisingly good and works for me for a reasonably healthy snack.
 I should have/could have done more, but when I look back, I’m glad I did at least this much plus some small tasks. I also finished one pair of the last five pairs of crocheted slippers I wanted to make this winter for dear friends. I have not managed to pack the things I want to mail to some loved ones in cold places but I truly do hope to that tomorrow and mail positively on Saturday (from my heart to your ears, Lord!).
Some of my friends are ten times more productive than I am these days, while others not as much as I am. I’ve stopped trying to keep up with others. I’m happy when I can look back and see that at least I did do something that day. And today was one of those days.  

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