Monday, December 23, 2013

Imagining the Perfect Father

I often check to see which posts are being most noticed. Tonight I was surprised to see that one from October 2011 (The Perfect Father Image) was getting some hits now.

That's so odd. Maybe someone did a search and it came up. But that only accounts for one hit.

Anyhow, I had to go and read it and remind myself what I wrote back then. I have written, to date, over 1650 posts and cannot remember them all. After reviewing it, I felt that there was a reason this all came up. I really needed to read it again - now - tonight.

The post (and I hope you go here and read it) mentioned why some of us have a hard time thinking of God as an unconditional-kind-of-love father. Some of us never grew up with a good father image.

My thoughts in that post helped me see how this is not an excuse to dismiss God in that role. My thoughts actually helped me welcome God in that role and seek him oftener than ever before.

Hopefully, it will help some of you with the same issues.

Father, thank you for sending me back to that post and to once again remember why I feel so comfortable coming to you for comfort, guidance and just plain love.  

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