Sunday, December 8, 2013

Free Prayer Sunday - When I've Promised to Pray for Someone

I wrote this prayer because there are so many times, in line at a checkout, on the phone, wherever, when I promise to pray for someone and I cannot find the right words fast enough.  Now I can easily recall this prayer at a moment’s notice and I feel I am doing something, no matter how small, to help. I often add the person’s name to this one, as in “I promised Marie I’d pray for her,” and it helps to make it feel more personal. 

I'm marching through my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book, front to back. This prayer is from the category, Helping Others. Earlier, I posted 4 prayers from the Work category (about jobs, layoffs, etc.).

When I’ve Promised to Pray for Someone
I promised to pray for someone’s needs
Please hear the prayer that’s in my heart
Please send the help this person needs
And your love and mercy, please impart.

Please do not pass it around without giving credit to the author (me) and where it was published - a line like this will do:   by Evelyn Mayfield, in the Busy Person's Prayer Book.

There is one more prayer in this category, to be posted next Sunday, a prayer For The Terminally Ill.

After that, I'll begin the prayers in the category Hurting Others, including these prayers:
When I’ve Hurt Someone
The Urge to Complain
Judging Others
When Someone Baits Me

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