Friday, December 13, 2013

Finally, an Opening Date for the 1st Golden Corral in NV

Ok, they have finally announced an opening date for NV's very first Golden Corral buffet and grill restaurant. I posted about this back in September and again on Nov. 22. The opening has been delayed several times for quite a few reasons.

We locals figure that there will be a line around the building, constantly, for a few weeks. Well, maybe not that bad, but considering many of our Las Vegas folks travel to AZ, UT or CA to get their Golden Corral fix, the place should be quite busy.

Oooops - almost forgot to share that date with you...the marquee at curbside today says 6 more days to opening, and the other side says that date will be December 19th, this coming Thursday. And the location is on S. Lamb, just below Charleston, next to the Home Depot.

See you there????? 

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