Thursday, December 5, 2013

Low Cost Way to Give Many Gifts - Baby Jesus Verse

The "Baby Jesus, Small and Sweet" verse in my Etsy shop is one great bargain for those with time and money limits this year.You owe it to yourself and your frantic holiday shopping to visit the listing and read the verse and the ways you can use it.

For just $2, you get 5 files - this includes 3 different backgrounds for the verse/poster, plus an adaptable Master Copy and an Idea Sheet.

What I love about this for gifts is the variety of possibilities for gift giving.

The verse is my own and was written a while back but is timeless. 
For the $2, you can print these year after year, varying them each time. As the Idea Sheet shows, there are many ways to use the digital .pdf files. 

Some folks print onto cardstock and frame them and bring them out each season. They can be placed on a mantle or on the wall, a simple reminder of what the season is all about.

They can be printed on paper and folded to be inserted into Christmas cards. Left unfolded, they can be sent with traditional Christmas letters.

Talk about easy, low cost and a time-saver - this has it all. Because you have the file, you can always count on having them available for last minute gifts.

These days, Etsy provides instant downloads - this is great. Once payment is received, Etsy provides the download link - didn't I say quick and easy?   

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