Saturday, November 23, 2013

Tonight I Feel Sorry for Penguins

Throughout the years, I have watched many documentaries about penguins. I have always been amazed at their stoic and patient attitude towards their lives.

They walk. They walk a LOT. They walk and they walk. Forever, it seems, they walk. Momma penguins walk at one part of the year; daddy penguins walk other times of the year.

Tonight I saw them in a different way. No wonder, I thought, that they shuffle along. I guess I'd be shuffling, too, if I were doing all that walking. And no wonder their little legs are so short. Heck, I can't even see legs. They go from belly to feet. I guess they walked their legs off, evolving slowly from all that walking.
Yep, tonight, silly as it may seem, I am feeling special admiration for, and also special sympathy for, penguins.  

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