Friday, November 22, 2013

Local Golden Corral Grand Opening Update

Back in September, I posted about how Nevada's very first Golden Corral Buffet was coming to Las Vegas, just a mile or so from where I live on the East-side of town (see post here).

We all expected it to be open by now. 

We've watched as the building was framed in. 
We watched as it was painted. 
We watched the sign go up saying they were hiring. 
They have black-topped the parking lot. 
There is even a curbside marquee getting ready to count down the days until opening.

Personally, having made a decision to NOT cook a turkey this year, my nephew and I were hoping it would be open before Thanksgiving. The hiring notice fueled our excitement. That's been up for a few weeks. We expected food by now.

Frustration forced me to do some heavy-duty online searches last night. Here's what I found out, from several different sites.

It has been in the works for about 14 months. The long delayed opening has a lot to do with the fact that it's on a previously undeveloped lot. There were issues with everything from sewage and geology to local desert tortoise permits, of all things.

They fully expected to open by mid-November. I suspect some delays came from our ever-zealous local health department inspectors.

Ok - from what I can gather, the current expected opening date is the second week of December. 

It seems a "new hire" leaked the fact that he was told his "start date" is December 12. 
Hmmm. If he did, indeed, leak that info, I strongly suspect that when we get there, this "employee" will no longer be employed there.

So, we finally have a sort-of definitely possible opening date: 12/12 - See you all there?  

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