Sunday, November 3, 2013

Free Prayer Sunday - Caregiver's Prayer

This is my personal favorite, and one of the first two prayers I wrote which made me start my Busy Person's Prayer Book.   

No matter who we are, no matter how much we love the person we are taking care of, we can’t help an occasional moment of resentment.  It might be long-term care, or it might be a special favor we need to do, it might just be parental, sibling, or neighborly duties.  This prayer helps me keep things in focus, and has helped me turn around many an irritated moment.

I'm marching through my self-published Busy Person's Prayer Book, front to back. This prayer is from the category, Helping Others. Earlier, I posted 4 prayers from the Work category (about jobs, layoffs, etc.).

I'm a little off-schedule in these posts, but I think I am getting back on track. Rather than try to "catch up," I'll just start again with thie week's post and keep on keeping on. I hope this week's prayer helps some of you when you are too frazzled to think of words to use when praying for help when taking care of someone in your life.

Caregiver’s Prayer
Father, someone needs my care
I need your help to do it right
Replace resentment with compassion
Replace my heavy heart with one that’s light.

Please do not pass it around without giving credit to the author (me) and where it was published - a line like this will do: by Evelyn Mayfield, in the Busy  Person's Prayer Book.

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