Tuesday, October 8, 2013

This and That and Everything Else

Things got a little crazy this past week and I will be posting a lot over the next few days, trying to catch up.

I've missed two Free Prayer Sunday posts and I want to catch them up, fast.

Remember my post of 9/23 about my lower dentures? Well, so far, so good, with the latest Super Glue fast fix. Hopefully, I can get to a dentist for new ones late next month.

And, Sunday night, my nephew made 5 weeks of non-smoking. He's still going nutz after every meal. That seems to be when he misses it the most. But again, so far, so good.

The yard sale on the weekend went surprisingly well because of the generosity of one neighbor who didn't abide by my twenty-five-cents-only prices - she happily overdid it and it was a surprise. I got rid of a lot of little things. Nothing went back into the house. I have several cartons waiting for a charity pickup later this month. 

About two-thirds of the novels (both hardback and paperback) that I had left are bagged to toss on another neighbor's porch for her beloved Vets. I've learned from her that not every Vet gets a good income after the fact. Some are near or at poverty levels. Folks in here often drop off decent but used clothing, books, decks of cards, and other things for her to distribute.

Next week, I plan to drop some preemie things to the local hospital from our charity crafters. I need to do a post about that, too.

My nephew's eye is getting very painful, among other things. This is the eye he stroked out in over two years ago. We had to make an appointment with an ophthalmologist for next week. That has to be cash. The county medical coverage he qualifies for can't get him into their guy until April. We can't wait that long and this will cost almost $200. Thanks to the yard sale, we are certain we can manage it.

An old student loan of his reared its head and they were planning to yank a nice chunk from his newly acquired monthly SDI. Two calls this morning yielded some applications on the way to see if we can get it discharged due to his disability and the fact that he can no longer work.

Dear friends in our senior mobile home community are moving by the end of the month. They insist on taking us to dinner at a casino buffet this week - that will be a treat.

 So, on we go. Considering the past year or so, things are not bad at all..  

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